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At the Hauka Fair, it is possible to trade in two different areas:

1. bookable area

2. in the area without pre-booking ​


1. To register a trading spot in the BOOKABLE area, do the following:


2. In the area WITHOUT PRE-BOOKING, sales places will be allocated on the spot, in a standing order. The number of sales places is limited!

In this area, the trader can choose a free spot on the street and set up his stall without the guidance of the organizer. Entrances to yards must remain free for residents! ​

Sales areas without pre-booking are located on Kreutzwald street (section between Kooli tee and Põik street), and Veski street (section between Tamme and Metsa põik streets). See also the basic plan of the fair ("EELBRONEERINGUTA").


NB! Pre-marking of a sales point (tapes, etc.) in an area without pre-booking does not guarantee a sales point! Every trader has the right to take a free seat regardless of the presence of tapes or other markings, as trading spots cannot be reserved in advance in this sales area.

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trading spot fees

Prices are subject to 22% VAT

Price for a trading spot in the reserved area for two days:

Standard trading spot (4m wide x 3m deep): €85, additional meter €25

100% Estonian handmade trading spot (4m wide x 3m deep): €75, additional meter €25

Small trading spot (2m wide x 2m deep): €55

City center trading spot (3m depth of trading spot):

1-3m: €100/m

4-6m: €80/m

7-9m: €65/m

10-12m: €50/m

13-18m: €47/m

19-30m: €45/m

Catering on the food area (6m depth of trading spot):

1-3m: €80/m

4-6m: €68/m

7-12m: €63/m

13-20m: €60/m

Selling on the fairgrounds without a trading spot: price negotiable

Children's attractions and traders needing larger trading space: price negotiable

Electricity prices:

220v 1 x 10A (single-phase): €35

220v 1 x 16A (single-phase): €40

220v 3 x 16A (three-phase power plug): €120

220v 3 x 16A (3x single-phase standard plug): €120

Electric connections are limited! If you need electricity only for charging devices, please use alternative solutions (car charger, power bank, etc.).

terms and conditions of trading

1. In order to preserve the good reputation of the fair, the organizer has the right to limit the number of stalls of the trader and to prevent the sale of inappropriate services and goods, also based on previous fair experience with the trader. ​


2. After filling out the request for a place of sale, it will be reviewed within two weeks at the latest, and will be placed in the fair area according to the goods group. The answer to the acceptance of the application will be sent to the e-mail address indicated in the form together with the invoice for the place fee within two weeks at the latest. Up to 4 sales places are reserved for one applicant.


3. A sales place at the fair is considered reserved after payment of the place fee to the organizer's account. If the invoice is not paid on time, the reservation becomes invalid.


4. The accommodation fee is not refunded in case of cancellation of the reservation.


5. The document allowing trading at the fair is a paid venue tax invoice. ​


6. The trading place can only be used by the company to which it is registered. Resale of the trading place is prohibited. ​


7. Changing the location of the point of sale during the fair without the permission of the fair organizer is prohibited.


8. Access to the fair area by car is possible upon presentation of the seat fee invoice ​


9. When selling goods, the owner of the point of sale is responsible for fulfilling the requirements set forth in legislation. ​


10. The trader is obliged to keep the trading place open while the fair is open and to sell only the goods specified in the trading application. The sale of product groups not specified in the application is prohibited.


11. General cleaning of the fair area is ensured by the organizer. The sales point and its immediate surroundings are maintained by the trader.

12. Patrols organized by the organizer of the fair guard the general order of the fair area, each trader is responsible for the security of his own property.

13. In accordance with national laws, only reusable containers and utensils are permitted for serving food and drinks at the Hauka Fair. Beverages may also be served in the packaging provided by the manufacturer (there is no obligation to pour them out).

13.1. Traders have the right to use either their own reusable dishes or the services of a service provider.

13.1.1. If traders use their own dishes, these must be marked in a way that allows identification of the owner.

13.1.2. Traders must be prepared to prove (with appropriate documents) that the dishes used are intended for repeated use.

13.1.3. Traders must provide a clear and convenient solution for customers to return used dishes.

13.2. The official service partner for renting reusable dishes at the Hauka Fair is Ringo Eco OÜ. The fairground will have an adequate number of Ringo return boxes and a Ringo service tent, where customers can receive their deposit refund in cash or on their bank card.

Read the Ringo guidelines for Hauka Fair traders here: Ringo Eco OÜ deposit packaging ordering guide for traders.

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