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important in brief

  • Hauka Laat is FREE for visitors! Evening concerts and Romuralli are paid.

  • The fair is open for trading on Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and on Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

  • Park your car as soon as possible (in parking lots or on side streets), do not obstruct traffic!

  • Consult the plan of the fairground to plan your movement

  • There is an open information and medical point by the fairground (in the middle of the ring road) - ask for help!

  • Stock up with enough cash BEFORE fair! (the resource of ATMs is limited)

fair general plan


Hauka Laat takes place in the center of Antsla, and it is free for visitors. Only evening concerts and Romuralli are paid. 


Check out the general plan of the fair, so it's easier to plan your journey. Visit all areas to get the most out of the fair!

Hauka Laada plan 2023.jpg


The craft area is located in the city center park and on Jaani street. In addition, craft traders can be found in the "miscellaneous goods" area on Veski and Kreutzwald streets.


The equipment is mainly concentrated in the parking lot in front of Antsla Konsum (Kreutzwaldi 4a). 


The food park is located on Veski Street, where you can find caterers with a varied menu. You can buy Chinese street food on Posti street (next to the children's area). You can find various smoked meat products on Kreutzwald street and in the middle of the craft park. Smoked fish vendors are mostly concentrated next to the food park (Antsla Vallamaja parking lot).

There is also a point of sale of local food producers of Võrumaa, which is concentrated on Kreutzwald streetUMA DRESSunder the sign.


You can find clothes, shoes, headgear, toys, kitchen accessories and many other necessary goods mainly on Kooli tee and Tamme street.


Children's attractions are located in the area along Posti Street. There are trampolines, pony rides, zorb balls, lucky draw, cotton candy and other sweets :). You can also have fun with Zorb balls on the water - it is located on Tamme Street, on the pond. 


Hauka Laat is known for its rich entertainment program. The events take place in four locations - during the day at the LOADING STAGE, and in the evenings at the SINGING STAGE, OPENING STAGE and STADIUM. Find out more about the entertainment programHERE


An information and medical tent is open during the fair by the fair stage (in the middle of the ring road). In the information tent you can get the necessary information about the fair area, program and traders. In the medical tent, you can get first aid in case of health concerns.


Stock up on enough cash before the fair, as there are only two ATMs in Antsla, and they may run out of resources due to the large crowd.

SEBATM - in Antsla Konsum (Kreutzwaldi 4a). Open every day from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m

SWEDBANKATM - Jaani 4. Open 24/7


The center of Antsla is closed to traffic Friday August 11 at 09:00 until Sunday August 13 at 7:00 p.m

The main detour directions are KREUTZWALD - PAIK - FIELD, VEKI - ACROSS - FIELD and VEKI - METSA PIIK - METSA 


The car can be parked on side streets and in parking lots (paid and free). Follow the signs and the notices of the traffic controllers. Do not park your car in a place where it obstructs traffic!

DISABLED PARKING - there are places for this at the intersection of Põllu and Veski streets. 

TARTU and VÖRU direction (through Vaabina) ​

Before the city limits, there are paid parking lots on both sides of the road. Use these parking lots and continue on foot. The city has a limited number of parking spaces. If for some reason you can't get into the parking lots, move on and find a suitable place to park on the side streets or in other parking lots.

KANEPI and OTEPÄÄ direction (via Vana-Antsla)

There are no parking lots at the entrance to the city. It is possible to park either on one side of the road or in the "Metsa põik" street parking lots. 

VALGA direction (via Kobela)

You can park mainly by Metsa, Pargi, Posti and Võidu streets, or in the parking lots of Metsa, Metsa põik and Võidu streets. 

SÄNNA direction (via Tsooru)

Park your car in the parking lot opposite Antsla Stadium (at the beginning of Pärna St., next to the railway), and proceed on foot (across the railway). If there is no way to get to the parking lot, park by Pärna Street.

Traffic management at Hauka Fair uus1.jpg
Traffic management scheme 2022 jpg.jpg

major events

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